How to start a profitable blog ?

Well, everything has changed in last few years and more competitions in blogging. No one expect current picture of blog around the social media and SEO experts because algorithm became more strong and smart day by day. So many of new blogger thinks, it is really possible to start a profitable blog and can make money blogging.

I think yes, It is possible to write good blog contents and do earn some money online. Now days you must have writing passion and few marketing skills like social media, keyword research and execution concepts.

  • Use Google Adwords to find different keywords and click rate
  • Join affiliate program and check for their network earning
  • You can also use free Keyword Research tools to find good keywords with strangth and density for posts.

If you are trying to only earn money from blogging than you should focus on blog contents and promotion. If you want to be one of great bloggers, than don’t think about money at all and leave it for long term investments. You need to develop some skills in yourself about blogging, marketing and promotion. This will create money for you after some time.

It is very important to target the readers in order to grab them to blog and make a profit. Because it depends on that what are you offering to your readers and what they want to read ?

Now let’s think how to grab the traffic to blog ? So Facebook, Twitter and Google are better platforms that can pull huge traffic to you. Where as you can go through Pinterest and Instagram also, but both are time taking process. By doing this, surely you can grab your readers and increase traffic to site.

Email Listing can also helps you to reach out site visitor and daily readers. You can turn them into daily or returning visitors by sending them greetings and good updates.

Don’t ever try to promote your business, products and services, skills and writing passion. Just try to promote your marketing strategies and benefits, which can double your profit after some time.

Blog Commenting is also important part of indirect promotion, which can help you to make a meaningful conversion with other bloggers and strangers. Don’t create any spammy behaviour and comments, it can be bad idea for you. Always write a good comment and ask them to keep sharing useful contents.

Facebook has only a rule of thumb on your post, post some rich contents with images and videos. You should spend some money to boost your posts and blogsite on Facebook to increase massive traffic, because Facebook has 1.7 millions active users dairy.

You can get some more attention by promoting other blogger, while on social media orofficial site but surely it would be useful for you. If you spend some time on it, you will get fruitful result.

Now you must think about Keyword Research & SEO for blogsite. If you are using WordPress than, Yoast plugin can be useful for you by doing SEO by yourself. If you are not able to do this, you can hire someone for 6-12 months, because SEO is time taking process.

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How To Install WordPress on XAMPP Server

Xampp is cross platform for php development, which allows to create a local server on machine and run php script efficiently. Most of people know how to install Xampp on windows pc ? and How to install wordpress on Xampp ? But yes, I’m sure few developers or people don’t know this because they get a well managed platform for development from IT firms.

Hence, Localhost is essential part to run PHP script or WordPress website. It runs your more quickly other than online sites because of limitness and availability of offline resources. Localhost is more secure and ideal environment to test your website and prevent it from threats.

So let’s know about Xampp first:-

XAMPP stands for cross-platform, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl. It’s a simple and lightweight solution that allows you to create a local web server for testing purposes. Since XAMPP is cross-platform, it also works on Mac and Linux, but today we’re going to focus on how to set up XAMPP on Windows.

How to install Xampp on windows ?

  • Download latest version from official site and another verified resources and run the installer.
  • Select required componenets, setup installation directory and click to next.
  • Wait for completion of setup process and click to setup Xampp control panel. You can stop and start processes and local server is ready.

How to setup WordPress ?

  • Download latest version of wordpress from WordPress official site and extract file to anywhere.
  • Go to the XAMPPfolder on your computer and open the htdocs folder and move unziped folder here – C:/Program Files/XAMPP/htdocs.
  • Open your browser and go to localhost/WordPress [ WordPress is name of directory, that you moved to htdocs folder. ]
  • Now it will ask some details to complete this 5 minutes setup process like language, email and database credits.

Congratulations, you have setup WordPress on local system and you can customize according to you. Login to admin panel, Install required plugins for Website Optimization and SEO, Contacts, Newsletter, Post and Comments, User Role and many more..

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