How to boost blog posts and increase web traffic

How to boost blog posts, tricky question for each blogger who wants to drive huge traffic to website.

Most of bloggers have a dream to get huge traffic to site, more clicks and likes to website, readers spend more time on your website, more comments and shares, better Google index. Whereas few of them want big traffic and big money from blog site.

Either you are beginner or expert, is it not that you want ? Don’t you think that how to can engage more people to your blog ? Is it content quality is good or readers are showing interest to read them ? How much time they spend to read your post and If yes, do they share ?

It is truth that every one likes to get traffic to site and spend more time; unlike they are doing for social media like facebook and whatsapp.

So let me tell you about How to boost blog posts with ease of pressure which can pull your audience to page or site, get more clicks and comments.

# Social Media

As I told you before in earlier post that social media is the best and smart way to engage traffic, messages and clicks. Social media has more than 2 million active users daily.

Select your niche, target your audience and write rich contents, follow such 2 minutes process to share your post on social media.

If you consider than Facebook, twitter are big platforms where as Pinterest is fast growing platform to share your blog which can direct to your website.

Social media will not a way to share your posts and create some traffic to your website but it also build new relationship for you where you can share thoughts and experience.

# Polls, Survey and Questions

Creating polls and survey is not a bad choice or low type of work for your website. Infect it is good way to get attention. Indirectly you can pull 1 to 5K audiences to your site by doing such steps.

Asking question is a good habit, because it is only the thing we are doing from crazy school life and college life. Simply you can create question on facebook page or on your site, because experts and people love to answer and comment.

Most of experts spend their time to read blogs and news feed, then always writes opinion there and share useful contents.

# Post real and useful contents

You should post only the contents what the readers of your target area want to read. Readers love the realistic, rich contents something that will motivate them, teach them and provide positive energy to set up goals and to achieve them.

People show their interest to read your article only if they found any statistics in heading. If you don’t know about it, try to fetch others contents or gather information from another resources.

# Visually rich contents

This is the most important and initial step while you start a blog or you have spent some time on writing. If you put a nice image with contents, than it helps to get attention of readers.

When you have prepared rich contents and ready to post them, select a nice featured image or video relevant to your topic. Most of people hit on your website or page if they found some eye-catching contents there.

Images can be a toy shop with candy store for children, they will surely go to shop while don’t want to look here and there. It is because children have a tight bond with toys and candies. Like this images are first arrow of your bow, which can target to audience.

I use my website to share helpful contents and share them to all social profiles which makes me to close to people and other bloggers. I started to write a few months ago but yes now I’m part of blogging network while it is small or not.

If you have something to add to this blog? Kindly share it in the comments. Thank you for reading this.


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